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Algorithm has a pattern and if we basically tweak our content to fit in that pattern then we optimize it and the last word optimization it’s ongoing process so it’s not something you do once and you forget I can tell you one very good example Google makes rollouts of new algorithm every whatever few months and everybody you know just wait like for a judgement day when the new algorithm update comes because when new algorithm update comes it changes the pattern and it goes through all the websites pushes it through the pattern and then changes the results before you were number one for women’s clothes and now you’re number 479 which is basically nothing so the algorithm is changing all the time and that’s why the things that I’m going to talk about today are not you know quick tricks that you can do but something that you know is fundamental that’s something that will never change okay but the optimization is ongoing process.

So here I can tell the story in SEO world there is a term called black hat and white hat and no it’s not about clothes and a Parral black hat means you try to manipulate search engine into giving you a better ranking than you deserve so you’re trying to basically trick it and white hat means you play by the rules and you try to get you know search engine ranking improved but you do it in the way that you can just walk up to you know CEO of Google and say hey we do this and he’s like what good job very good.

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