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A lot of digital marketing agencies talk the talk, but we’re more interested in getting stuff done. Our focus is on high-performance campaigns with results you can see for yourself, boosting your bottom line and helping your business achieve insane success with SEO services. That’s it. No filler, all killer.

Few reasons why we are one of the most effective SEO agencies in Brisbane

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Can SEO really deliver loads of organic leads, guaranteed sales and big-league revenue increases? Yes, it can. And that’s exactly what our SEO specialise in with their top-notch services.

What is SEO?
SEO stands for search engine optimisation. SEM stands for search engine marketing. On the face of it, SEO is a pretty simple concept. You make changes to your website to make it more attractive to search engines for specific keywords. Those search engines reward your website with higher rankings. Result: more people finding your website and business means more revenue! The closer you are to the top of the rankings, the more people see your website. It’s in the execution that SEO services become more complex. You need a website that’s relevant to your niche and has a lot of authority. That’s what search engines like to see. Your website offers the answers to users’ questions and you’re a trusted resource for information. To boil it all down, SEO is a blanket term that encompasses a range of strategies used to achieve high rankings for your website in search engines. And that’s important because 90% of your customers use the internet to find products and services.
What makes quality SEO different?
Stay one step ahead of Google and you’re two steps ahead of the competition. Google is constantly changing its ranking algorithms and keeping up with this moving target can be a major roadblock to SEO success. SEO that’s not up to date can lead to falling rankings, fewer leads, and shrinking revenue. But this shouldn’t stop you from investing in SEO. Done right, it can do absolute wonders to your bottom line. We’ve put endless research into getting best practice SEO techniques down to a fine art. Our team taps into Google’s powerful tools and analytics to craft strategies that deliver targeted, high-quality traffic to your website. Looking to nail down the top spot? Quality SEO is about employing intelligent strategies that emphasise the specific needs of your customers for your business. We harness the ability of SEO to specialise in a particular niche or a specific location or region. This demonstrates your brand’s authority, so Google looks on your site more favourably, increasing your chance to claim the top spot of highly-relevant searches.
How can businesses get started with FRESH SEO?
You end up with the traffic that wants to buy what you're selling. But how do we get there? Say you do a little investigating and notice your search engine rankings have plummeted. Visitor numbers are shrinking. No one’s finding you on Google, traffic is dropping and it’s clearly affecting sales in your business. Time for an SEO overhaul. Our team will get your website back on track with their digital marketing expertise. It starts with a comprehensive site audit, even before we ask you to sign the dotted line for our SEO services. We present our findings, with reports on the SEO and content factors affecting your rankings and conversions. You can also size up the SEO performance of your competitors. Having harvested the data, we outline the most effective strategies for regaining traction and driving better quality traffic to your business. Once you’ve given the green light, we get cracking on an intensive long-term SEO campaign. We conduct in-depth research into the keywords that signify ‘I’m ready to do business’ within your target audience. We also engage in building quality links that boost your authority and trust rating with Google and Bing.

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What SEO Audit measures?

The SEO Audit tool is a snapshot of your page’s SEO efficacy, it generates key information for you to help make your site better. Some of the few things it measures include:

SEO Friendly Tests
Google Pagespeed
Content Quality
Text Statistics


Frequently asked questions?

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.

Why is FRESH SEO the best SEO company in Australia?
A lot of SEO companies talk the talk, though they don’t always make an impact. Our focus is on high performance digital campaigns with revenue-shifting traffic and results you can see. We’re talking serious traffic, growth and revenue for over 1,000 businesses. The reason we can deliver these results through SEO services for your business? Because we ditched the status quo from day one. Years of experience in the industry made us see that too many people are opting for cookie-cutter strategies, short-sighted tactics, and strategies that are nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Our approach to our SEO services are entirely results-driven. No excuses, no jargon, and no smooth-talking to mask a lack of progress. Everything we do is based on real figures, real performance targets, real revenue growth, and real return on your investment. Here’s the data from a winning SEO campaign to prove it. 20:1 ROI revenue gained. 400% more leads. 10x more revenue. Love winning SEO results? Read on. Naturally, we can’t strive to be one of the best SEO companies in Australia without a superstar team. Our Gurus have an insatiable passion for all things SEO, PPC, social media, and online marketing. Best of all, their years of experience working with 1000+ companies all over the world means they’ve got the lowdown on what works, and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, it’s how we think, what we do, and the way we relate to your business that really makes us the best SEO company in Australia. What better proof than our ratings? We’ve racked up more than 300 reviews rating us at 4.9+/5 on average. That’s makes us one of the best rated and most loved agencies in Australia! You can also check out what our clients are saying about us on social media! Need more proof that we’re the best SEO company in Australia? Take a look at our partners – the likes of Google, Shopify, Adroll, Hubspot, BigCommerce, and Trustpilot. It’s no mean feat to become a partner with some of the biggest industry heavyweights.
What does an SEO agency do?
Here’s the simple definition: an SEO agency offers search engine optimisation services to businesses to help them improve the visibility of their website (and brand) online. On the surface, Search Engine Optimisation is a pretty simple concept. You make changes to your website to make it more attractive to search engines for specific keywords. Those search engines reward you with higher rankings on search engine results. The closer you are to the top; the more people see your website. This drives more traffic, conversions and, ultimately, more revenue. It’s in the execution that SEO becomes more complex. That’s where an SEO company really adds value with their services. With experts in different areas of search engine optimisation, such as technical SEO, content, data analysis and pay per click (PPC) advertising, an SEO company can create and execute a razor-sharp strategy that delivers revenue-busting results, amazing organic traffic over and over again. So far, this is all very theoretical. Let’s look at what this means in reality. What will the SEO company actually do when you work with their SEO service? How will use search engine marketing to get you to those all-powerful top search results? The best agencies start with a comprehensive SEO audit. The agency will also conduct in-depth keyword research into the right keywords for your target audience. The keyword research is really meaty stuff. Each page of your site will be optimised for ideal keyword placement. And all content will be refined to include elements that perform well with search engine algorithms. Your agency will also build quality links that boost your authority and trust ratings with search engines. There’s another thing that your SEO company will do that many people might overlook: reporting. A great SEO company will make your reports easy to understand so you can get to the nuts and bolts of the data in moments. So you can find out all about the all-important return-on-investment figures. (this will really impress your boss). Arguably one of the most important things an SEO company does is continually analyse and refine your strategy. SEO is never-ending on your website, so the work and services of your SEO company never end either.
Is SEO in house or outsourcing right for my business?
It depends. The most important thing to recognise is that driving serious revenue requires high quality teams of experts to make it happen. This is where SEO companies typically blow in-house teams out of the water. Why? Because agencies are experts at what they do. They do Search Engine Optimisation all day, every day. Our digital marketing Gurus have worked with 1,000s of clients and gotten stellar results. Another pro of SEO agencies versus in-house is that agencies keep up-to-date with the latest search engine optimisation news as part of their job. When Google changes its algorithm, you can bet they’re the first to know. By contrast, as a rule, an in-house team tends to be more focused on specific outcomes, such as SEO campaign results, and only those changes that impact current campaigns. We can’t compare SEO in-house versus agency without talking about the budget. The option that you choose has to make sense for the company from a financial point of view. Think about it: If you hire an SEO specialist to work in-house, their salary will cost you approximately $76,000 per year. Add employee benefits, office overheads, admin fees, training and onboarding, and you’re looking at over $100,000 per year. What does this mean for you? If you’re a small business working with a limited budget for digital marketing, outsourcing your SEO efforts to an external agency is highly recommended for your business. Larger enterprises with the dollars to invest more heavily in SEO have the freedom to manage it in-house and even partnering with external resources where necessary. The real question is whether or not search engine optimisation will bring the returns you want. Why not talk through your options with a member of our team? Get in touch.
How do I choose the right SEO company?
Here’s the bottom line: If you want results, you need an SEO company claiming to offer the best SEO services (or maybe the cheapest and best) that the task of finding the right SEO company is totally overwhelming. For example, there a tens of Sydney search engine optimization companies alone. The answers that an SEO company gives to your questions can help you to figure out who’s the real deal. And by real deal, we mean an SEO company you can trust. One that takes all of the work out of your hands. An agency that sinks their teeth into your business and creates a strategy that works for your unique business needs. And an agency that doesn’t stop until they generate more revenue and provide better returns. Not too much to ask, is it? Start by drilling the agency on how they will improve your rankings. So, avoid an SEO company that says something like “we’ll build links and add content”. This kind of catch-all strategy won’t cut it. The right agency will talk about doing some kind of website analysis/competitor analysis first. (Hint: we offer a $2,000 audit for FREE! No obligations, no catches. Just real, revenue results. Claim your free audit now) Second, focus on communication. Communication is always important in business, but in the fast-paced world of SEO, it can make or break your campaign. SEO is not a set-and-forget strategy. So, at an absolute minimum, you should receive a monthly report showing the work done by the agency and the results. Another way to make sure you choose the right agency is to look at who they have worked with before. Nobody can provide better insight into an agency’s abilities than previous clients. Don’t be put off if the agency has mostly worked with smaller businesses. In fact, that could mean you get just the type of personalised service that you’re looking for in digital marketing. The ones you want to be wary of are those agencies that won’t openly tell you about their previous clients. An agency that won’t provide any information is an agency that’s probably failed its previous clients – and that’s an agency you want to avoid at all costs.
How long does SEO take?
Let’s cut to the chase: There’s no magic SEO voodoo that will fly you straight to the top of page one. It can take months for Google to recognise and trust your website. You can’t just ‘SEO’ your website and watch your sales soar. For example, ranking for a competitive term like 'seo melbourne' takes a long time. Now for the good news. Working with a stellar SEO company like OMG means you have consultants dedicated to hitting your goals. They’ll be realistic about the timeframe for success because they base it on a heap of factors. Where are you starting from? Was your website designed to be search-friendly? Are there broken links and obstacles? Has your website ever been penalised by search engines? How competitive are your industry and keywords? One of the most important things that will determine how quickly you reach your goals is the competition. It’s much easier to win a race against 10 runners than against 100. The same goes for SEO and SEO campaign. For example, it’s much easier for us to rank higher in Sydney searches for an SEO company than in worldwide searches. Another factor is budget. The more budget you can invest in your SEO campaign, the more tactics you can do that will accelerate your search results. For example, you’ll be able to produce more regular content which gives you the opportunity to use more keywords and improve your rank with organic search and gain truckloads of high quality organic traffic. Truth us, the work never really ends with SEO. It’s not a tactic – SEO is a long-term strategy that has revenue-shifting, business-transforming results. On the flipside, without continuous improvement and maintenance, all your hard works falls apart. Links rot, content goes out of date, new algorithms affect different parts of your SEO, and the competition glides ahead on search engine results and gains organic traffic.
Are you the cheapest SEO agency?
No and we don’t pretend to be. We focus on quality and getting revenue results. No shoddy stuff or shifty business. No cheap quick fixes or false promises. There are lots of SEO agencies that focus on being cheap, which gets poor results. We're not one of them. We’re dedicated to making you successful and helping your revenue grow with high quality SEO results. That's how you really grow with search engine optimisation. Here’s the risky bit. Not only are you getting little to no value, a cheap SEO company could be damaging your website rankings and your brand reputation. You know those long waffling blog articles that don’t make any sense, or really tell you anything, but are packed with obvious keywords? That’s a clear sign of a cheap SEO company. They aren’t providing something of value. Just a quick fix to get traffic. You can also recognise a cheap agency because they’ll struggle to demonstrate the SEO practices they are using. Worse, they’ll conceal their tactics and give you some story about “confidentiality”. The problem is, with a cheap SEO company, you might actually see some immediate SEO gains and traffic. This is because the agency might just point a bunch of linkbacks to your site in the hope that their low efforts will yield high results and consistent traffic. One more thing: unlike the cheap SEO agencies, we won’t offer “100% satisfaction” or “full money back guarantees”. That’s because SEO is always shifting and changing. Nobody has control over Google except, well, Google. What worked last month probably won’t not be working well this month. When you trust a reputable agency with your budget, you can trust that you are investing in experts who keep on top of these changes and put your website at an advantage.
What to ask an SEO agency?
Choosing the right SEO company could be the best thing you ever do for your company. But it can be an overwhelming process. To narrow down your options and get the right match for your SEO campaign, ask these questions: How will you improve my rankings? An obvious one, but the answer reveals a lot about the SEO company that you’re dealing with and how they work. Every website needs a unique SEO strategy that takes its current state, its competition, and industry into account. Choose a firm that will do a comprehensive audit of your website first. Do you have any recent case studies? You wouldn’t employ a new staff member without getting references and checking out their background. The same applies for your agency. See some case studies and even chat with clients they’ve worked with. There’s nothing more revealing than hearing it from the horse’s mouth. Have you worked on any projects which are similar to mine? This is really focusing on your goals – what you’re asking is whether the agency has helped clients achieve similar goals to you. If yes, you know they’ve got the goods to deliver. It’s good to know whether they’ve ever worked with clients in your industry too, as it means they know what works and what doesn’t for your specific target audience. What were the biggest challenges you faced in these projects, and how did you overcome them? This is a great way to find out how the agency rallies when the going gets tough in digital marketing. Look for an agency that demonstrates innovative thinking and resourcefulness. What key metrics do you look at when it comes to SEO? Just as important as the initial SEO strategy is the agency’s ability to measure the results so they can adjust and finetune accordingly. You’ll also want to report back to your boss on how successful the campaign has been, and your return on investment in digital marketing. When will I begin to see results? Everyone wants to know how quickly their website will be ranking for specific keyword phrases. But it’s impossible to commit to a concrete timeline. What you’re looking for is an agency who will give you an idea of what to expect over a period based on their experience and know-how in digital marketing. Can you guarantee that I’ll rank on the first page of Google? A trick question because the right answer is actually “no”. Google constantly updates its algorithm, so no legitimate SEO company will promise you first page results and traffic! Nobody but Google has control over organic search positionings.