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There is a Pareto principle that says you know 80% of the effect comes from roughly 20% of the effort so my idea today is to give you that 20% show you what is search engine optimization at its core and provide you some really basic things that you can do in order to improve search engine right thinking for possibly your website your clients website your future company whatever okay so how many of you have googled yourself okay how many of you have googled your you know upcoming date yes good do you see there is a lot of growth opportunity you know there is even an app you know there is a joke you know that there is an app for that in u.s. there is an app where you can put the name of your you know date that you’re going to meet for the first time today or something and it shows it you know tax records criminal records and so forth.

So if you want to bring that to Finland there is one opportunity right there you know tax information is is you know public information so imagine women and now there is you know face detection and everything so she could just take a selfie with him you know like like oh yeah you know let’s take a selfie and then is like be over million in income last year teaching anyway so maybe closer back to the topic when we use search engines we search for you know potential you know employers we search for products we search for whatever what are the things that affect the search results that we get one is the query type so Google has put a lot of effort and we’re not talking about Google.

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