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August 27, 2020
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August 27, 2020
You know Google is still the king if you want to actually find something online and social media is very different and they’re not necessarily you know one is not necessarily better than another they just support each other but if I have a service that I want to sell just I’m interested just in sales I want to get high-quality traffic which means it’s people that really want to see information that I want to provide them want to see my services and search engine is definitely one of the one of the best ways to do it so yeah well let’s you know break down the word well the sentence so search so when people search for something they are searching for a solution that very rarely people understand this but you know there if you want to have some fun later on you can go on Google Trends it’s a free service by Google and you can see which are the most popular you know search words in Finland for 2013 and I think one of the most popular was cwienke Merton ista how to understand the woman so you know people are really seeking solution for their problem.

Anyway people search for a solution so when you provide when you think about search engine optimization you have to think about how I can solve somebody’s problem obviously the the example I mentioned before cannot be really easily solved but still in other cases we can be more helpful so engine there is another word we need to understand and is a machine and at Google it’s a very complex machine nowadays we’re talking about you know billions probably of dollars you know and research and development testing and so forth so we need to understand that Google wouldn’t be Google or some other search engine wouldn’t be what it is today unless there was a machine that made all the decisions so we have to realize that machine has an algorithm.

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