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I think it’s now much less used but it was the PageRank algorithm it was the idea that you could estimate authority of the site by analyzing links that link to the site you know links from other websites so this is the core of the way that Google worked at least many years ago now the algorithm has been much much much more complex very very different much more sophisticated but basically it means it meant this you know if you have a website and you have 4 million links you’ll have an authority if you have another website that had you know hundred links it has less Authority and then quality came in to you no question you know not every link is the same and so forth and so forth but basically links tell a lot about the authority that you have online so do you guys know about the the miserable failure thing that the Google bomb now okay so you remember right the elections.

I think it was the second term that Bush was going for and people were really upset about him you know going into office again for whatever reason so people decided to do something kind of funny you know and kind of show their dislike for the president so what they did is they kind of talked amongst each other webmasters and they decided hey let’s link to White House page about George W Bush with the with the text miserable failure so once they did you know once twice you know then 1,000 times 10,000 times hundred times a hundred thousand times after that Google was like well if you search for miserable failure this is the place to go so you search for that and you went to george w bush page and when the White House try to change that you know like hey Google you know we don’t like that Google said sorry it’s an algorithm.

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