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Are you a business owner who wants to improve your website SEO but has no idea where to start? If you’re looking for search engine optimisation in Brisbane, contact Fresh. We can help you to improve your searching engine ranking by optimising the contents of your website to drive higher volumes of traffic to your site.

Let’s discover more about SEO terminology.

Anchor text which is the specific text on a link that users click backlink a link from one website to your specific website referring domain this is the link clicked by a user on another website to land on your specific website session.

SERP this is short for the Google search engine results page and it’s where people land after performing a search click when a user clicks onto your website off the serve impression when your website is shown on the search engine results.

Page click through rate or CTR you may hear people say that as well, essentially it’s the number of clicks your website receives divided by its total impressions conversion.

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