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That’s how it works but then they may change to the algorithm in order to prevent that so it doesn’t work anymore like that but it used to before so links created a lot of authority for you online and another way to establish Authority is to display information about the author there is some meta tag and some stuff you can do in order to say that hey I wrote this and then Google can give you a little bit of more authority depending on how much you write and content and so forth but basically you know authority impacts results and your social graph this is cool scary don’t know but you know you guys have friends well at least some of you and some of you have even friends online for you so and Google knows about your friends.

For example if you use Twitter your friends information is public unless you you know lock your profile if you tell Google about your Facebook page it knows about possibly friends that you have there and so forth and so forth if you use Gmail you know Google knows a little bit more about you so for software you use Google+ so Google can personalize results based on what your friends are doing so this is Google trying to be helpful saying like hey you know your friend like this restaurant you know so when you search for best restaurant in Oulu for example it could display information that your fraid friend indicated that this is good you know the same way that we do in real life you ask your friend you know what’s the best restaurant and probably you’ll receive some reply and you trust that a bit more than just random reply from somebody else okay so your profile that definitely impacts your results so you know there has been a lot of talk.

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