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August 27, 2020
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August 27, 2020

There are many tricks of the trade when it comes to advertising. Any marketing strategy Brisbane will involve things like traditional advertising, content marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. One often overlooked element of advertising is promotional products. Not everyone understands the value of giving something away for free. Promotional products are an excellent advertising tool though and they should be at the heart of your branding and marketing efforts.

It Feels Good to get a Freebie

Who doesn’t feel good when they get something for free? When you give away a promotional product to someone, you’ll earn a fan for life. Well, as long as the product performs as expected. If you give someone a shoddy product all you’ll do is make them glad they didn’t pay for it for the wrong reasons.

Making someone feel good about your business is great marketing and branding for you. People see how happy you’ve made someone else and they see how good your products are. It makes them want to try them out too. They need to see what’s so good about the product. The person that you give the promotional product to will also become a brand ambassador for you. They’ll talk about you more and be more likely to recommend you to others.

It’s Free Advertising

Promotional products are highly efficient forms of advertising. The person that you give the product to will continue to use it and market your brand and business – and you don’t even have to pay them to do it. Let’s use a t-shirt as an example. If you give someone a free t-shirt that was designed by a professional graphic design company with all the right logos and branding, anyone who sees that shirt will learn about your business.

How effective this aspect of promotional products is depends on the product. If it is something people can – and will – use regularly then it’s going to be effective. Even if it’s something that a YouTuber keeps in the background of their videos, it’s going to be seen by anyone who watches their videos. Traditional advertising eventually gets taken down when the money runs out. Promotional marketing is effective for as long as the person uses or displays the product, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

People Trust You More

One of the best aspects of promotional products is that it builds trust in you and your products. As long as you give someone a quality product anyway. If people have doubts about the quality of your product they aren’t likely to buy them. Giving them a promotional version assuages those fears. When other people see the product in action and see how high quality it is for themselves, it also generates more trust from them. They are more likely to try the product out for themselves.

Keep in mind that this is only true if you have a good quality product. Give someone a shoddy product and you can expect the exact opposite. Make sure that it is put together well, features solid branding, and that any graphics are designed by a graphic design company for best results.


If done properly, promotional products can be one of the best forms of advertising around. People get to try your products and see the quality of them. They enjoy getting free things and are more likely to advertise and talk about your products and brand. Not to mention that as long as they continue to use the product, they’ll put it in front of more people and continue to offer free advertising. If you need help in your advertising, contact Branding Experts the best marketing agency Brisbane.

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