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August 27, 2020
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August 27, 2020

There are many sides to a solid SEO strategy. While it is important to optimize your own website, you shouldn’t neglect off-site SEO. This is basically things off of your own website that contribute to your SEO. While backlinks (links to your website) are a key part of it, any good SEO company can tell you that there’s so much more to it than that. Keywords – and using them properly – is at the heart of every good off-site SEO Brisbane strategy.

Search Volume

SEO is about having your website appear in search engine rankings when people search for related terms. That’s the simplest way to define the process. Having the right keywords for your off-site SEO means that more people will find your website through search engines. It leads to greater search volume and more organic traffic.

You should use keywords that are closely related to your business and industry. An SEO agency Brisbane can help you to determine what these keywords are and use them properly. You can even take a look at the competition and see what they are using to get some ideas. What matters is that the more appropriate keywords you have, the better the odds of someone finding your website through an online search. The more people you have searching for your website – and finding it – the more traffic and leads you can generate.

Writing Articles Using the Keywords

Articles are an important part of any kind of SEO. The articles you write on your own website and the contributions you make to other websites should use the right keywords. If you write contributions for other people with your own keywords then people will find it when they search for you. It also means that your own website appears alongside these guest posts.

Organic Linkbuilding to Keywords

As mentioned before, linkbuilding is one of the most important parts of off-site SEO. Having more backlinks to your website improves search engine rankings. Having other websites link to yours also means that you can capture some of their web traffic for yourself. When people talk about your website and link to it, it encourages people to click through and access your website.

Unfortunately, not any old link will do. It’s important that the links be as organic as possible. Keywords give you a great opportunity to insert a natural and organic looking link. You can use keywords as the anchors for links to your website.


Consistency is key with any kind of content, marketing, and SEO strategy. You need to have a consistent message and voice with your content. Having the right keywords in place can help with consistency. It will give you a foundation that you can build around. Improve the consistency of your work with the right keywords in off-site SEO.

This is also important if you have someone else make a post about you. You don’t control that content and are relying on them to offer the same consistency that you do with your own content. Being able to supply the writer with some keywords helps them to write something that matches your own work.


Having the right keywords is always important, but it becomes doubly so for off-site SEO. There’s more to off-site SEO than just links. Having the right keywords builds consistency, improves search volume, and makes it easier to write articles with organic backlinks built in. If you need help in your SEO contact Branding Experts Best SEO Brisbane.

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