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Basically when you create a profile Google basically puts a lot of information there and tries to track it and understand and you know Google is reading your mail and so forth and so forth all it’s not somebody that has nothing else to do in his life and just goes through mail and like you know my mail would be so boring it’s just you know cats and you know work-related stuff not very interesting but still you know it wants to learn about you the more it knows the better and obviously that is the information that Google can leverage for ads yeah okay so and your past behavior I remember one client was one of the best moments sorry member one client you know he said like hey arts him you know you told me that this search engine optimization is hard but I did it and I’m like whoa cool tell me more he’s like you know I went and I searched for you know our service online and we were number three and then I clicked a lot and it became number one and he’s like I did it I don’t need you I will keep my money so anyway what happened is you know Google realized that hey I can save him some time and put this up for him since he always clicks it but it only worked for him only when he was logged in Google was trying to be helpful he thought though that he found out a way to cheat Google but again that’s at least it you know brought some light to my afternoon.

So what is SEO well SEO is search engine optimization and I will try to break it down a little and then we’ll go into the fundamentals of SEO and then maybe we can talk more or well we’ll see how interested you guys in the topic so search engine optimization the goal of search engine optimization is to get high quality traffic from search engines so you know a lot of talk is there is a lot of talk about the social media I mean that’s the sexy new trend and I always say like well yeah social media is cool but when you want to buy a new TV do you go on Facebook and search for like you know like Samsung LED panel really cheap or you know if you want to find you know like a hairdresser or something do you go on Facebook and search for like really good hairdresser.

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