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August 27, 2020
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August 27, 2020

If you know anything about SEO then you’ve likely noticed that Google continuously changes their algorithm. You might be wondering why that is. Perhaps they don’t like SEO and that’s why they constantly change it. Let’s take a look at the real answer to the question.

On the whole, Google actually doesn’t have any problems with SEO. They are on record as saying that good SEO can be a positive and constructive thing. They believe that good SEO makes the website more crawlable and makes it easier to access individual pages. This good SEO is known as “white hat” SEO. White hat SEO makes a website easier to use, is built around generating great content, and makes a website faster. This offers benefits for the users and the search engine alike, and so it’s only natural to encourage it.

There is another side to SEO known as – perhaps unsurprisingly – “black hat” SEO. Google have also referred to black at Se as being “black hat webspam” because it is built around spamming websites. Some sites use techniques that don’t benefit users in their pursuit to reach the top of the rankings. They use shortcuts and loopholes to achieve high rankings that they wouldn’t have been able to obtain otherwise. Google are well-versed in this webspam given how much of it they see each and every day. Black hat SEO techniques are things like link schemes and keyword stuffing.

The main reason that the Google algorithm is changed so much is to enable users to find sites that give them the information they need in a great user experience package. Google also wants to treat the “good guys” who create websites that make things easier for users (not just the algorithm) by giving them good rankings and rewarding their efforts. That is why they launch changes that increase the quality of websites that show up in search results. As well as rewarding websites that employ white hat tactics, they have also began punishing websites that use black hat tactics to further discourage them.

The truth is that Google have always targeted webspam with their updates. They want to promote high quality content and establish an algorithm that rewards people for putting in the work, while punishing those who try to take shortcuts.

If you’ve ever wondered why the Google algorithm changes so much, now you know; it’s not to make SEO more difficult at all. It’s to make it more rewarding. The only thing that becomes harder and harder to do when the algorithm changes is cheating to unfairly obtain a high ranking. A good SEO company, such as Branding Experts, understands this. By employing positive SEO tactics, websites load faster and work better for users and search engines alike.

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