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We have some foreign students here for example and good example would be Russia where Google is not even number one there are many other search engines besides Google that are really popular there are Baidu there are and X you know tons of them but the general principle is the same so depending on the query type search engine Peaks what type of results it gives you and for example if you if you never if you never tried you could try sometime and put in Google timer twenty minutes and it will start a timer you can put a flight number and it will give you a flight information and for example here I try to search for a word called alien definitely one of my favorite movies of all time just love that thing so Google quickly decided that the movie is probably.

What I’m referring to so it displayed information about the movie right away so the query type that way in putting you know if it’s for example somebody’s name Google try tries to figure out if it’s if it’s for example some public figure and then provides information about the person so that’s one of the things that impacts your location if you go on Google and you search for best restaurant just best restaurant it will show you all restaurants and not you know good restaurants in for example Dubai or somewhere so Google knows your location from your IP address and from your settings possibly and so on and so forth so you know that’s one thing then there is authorship and before search engine optimization was easy and I will tell you well I’ll tell a bit later my story but anyway the thing is is that the way that Google revolutionized the search engine field was really simple but again very complex you know before Google came on you know online started working and providing search results were used to now there were other search engines but what Google founders came about is an algorithm.

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