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August 27, 2020
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We all know that SEO takes time to work and that we have to be patient. Still, this leaves us with the question of what to do in the meantime. What if we want faster results? Could AdWords be the solution? Well, that depends. If you have hired an SEO Agency and are waiting for the results to take hold, then don’t jump right into AdWords.

AdWords promises to deliver enough clicks to generate some traffic and convert that traffic into sales, but that doesn’t mean that it really works. Even a conversion rate of just 1% is more than enough for the online retail industry. As such, you’d need to get a lot of visitors to reach a sales goal. So you would be tempted if you saw Google AdWords promising to deliver a set amount of traffic if you spend a certain amount.

If you were to do some research and talk to customers though, you’d find the majority of them still came to your website from your SEO efforts and not because of AdWords. That’s why you get more success with an SEO Campaign and targeted advertising, rather than through simple AdWords.

Even so, AdWords is great for targeting and trafficking and some people will use the service for these reasons. People turn to Google when they want to find something, after all. AdWords advertising will put your adverts in front of others and provide relevant advertising when you need it. They also let you see the return on investment. You’ll know how much money you are investing in advertising and where it all goes.

Google Analytics is an important part of AdWords and something every SEO Agency recommends using. It allows you to see how adverts are doing – which ones work and which ones don’t – and make the necessary adjustments. An old saying about marketing is that half of all adverts work, you just don’t know which half. Now, thanks to Google AdWords, you can know which half is working.

The reality of Google AdWords is that it isn’t for everyone. For an industry where AdWords would be the right approach, the key to success is in how you set up your account and structure it from the very beginning. You won’t succeed if you don’t start on the right foot. There are lots of people who say that AdWords doesn’t work for them, and the main reason it doesn’t is that they haven’t set up their account properly. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t give you any indication that you’ve set up your account wrong. It can turn what should be a money-generating tool into a huge money sink.

Some in the industry like to refer to it as the “Google Idiot Tax” and it applies to people that set up their account without knowing the first thing about what they do. Google does themselves no favors in this regard as these failures put people off of trying AdWords again and can prevent people from even wanting to try it for themselves.

Start out by putting adverts on the Search Network rather than the Google Display Network. People perform a search when they are ready to make a decision. They don’t go to the Display Network – such as Facebook – to buy a car for example. Adverts on those platforms interrupt regular browsing behavior, and so they need to be made with that in mind.

AdWords is a good idea if you are waiting for results from an SEO Agency but make sure that you use the platform properly. Put the right ads on the right network and get them in front of the right people. If you aren’t getting the results you want then re-think your strategy. It’s as simple as that according to Branding Experts.

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