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August 27, 2020
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Lots of people want to know how to become a graphic designer. If you have a passion for art and want to turn it into a career, then joining a graphic design Brisbane team would be a dream come true. Of course, there’s more to graphic design than knowing how to draw pretty pictures. With that in mind, here’s a look at what it takes to become a graphic designer.


If you want to become a graphic designer then you need to have completed a VET qualification. You may be asked to attend an interview, submit your portfolio of work, or do both when applying for a job. The actual requirements for the job can vary between companies and institutions. Make sure to contact the institution if you require more information.

You’ll have an easier time getting a job as a graphic designer if you have a degree in graphic design or a relevant area such as visual communication or digital media. You will generally require assumed knowledge or prerequisite knowledge in English and a visual arts or design subject.

The Job of a Graphic Designer

The basic job of a graphic designer is to, well, design graphics. A lot goes into this process though, including;

  • Talking to clients to get a clear understanding of what they need and develop rough sketches
  • Illustrate comprehensive layouts of the design with techniques such as illustration, computer-generated imagery, and photography
  • Identify any communication problems and come up with a visual solution
  • Propose and present designs for approval by a client
  • Prepare the designs for print and/or digital publication and signage
  • Design and arrange exhibitions for educational and advertising purposes
  • Supervise every stage of design production, including arranging printing and supervising the process

Graphic designers can work alone or as part of a team depending on their needs – and the needs of their employer. Many people get started as a freelancer before applying to join a team.

The Facts of Graphic Design

  • Average weekly wage of a graphic designer – $1,150
  • Average hours worked a week – 37.8
  • Average unemployment rate
  • Strong future growth
  • The majority of Australian graphic designers work in New South Wales (42.4%)
  • Graphic design has a fairly even gender split with 51.5% male and 48.5% female
  • 8% of graphic designers have a Bachelor degree
  • The average graphic designer is between 25 – 34 years old (42.9% of graphic designers)

This data is sourced from the Department of Employment’s Job Outlook website.

Related Courses

If you are interested in becoming a graphic designer then there are several courses that can help. Which course is right for you depends on the level of education you want and need. Consider the following courses;

  • Certificate III in Design Fundamentals – CUA30715
  • Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design – CUA60315
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts / Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts / Bachelor of Commerce
  • Associate Degree in Digital Media

Join a Team

Once you have the right qualifications and understand what is going to be expected of you, you’re ready to join a team of professionals. Build up a good portfolio for yourself, get some proven results, and see where your career in graphic design takes you! Get in touch with our friendly team in Branding Experts.

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